Oxanabolic-10 100 Tablets 10mg

Product Description

Dosage Form: Film coated tablets packed in 10 strips of 10 x 10mg tablets. Tablets have embossed letter “OXA” on one side and embossed number “10” on the other.

Pharmacotherapeutic group: Anabolic substance for systematic application. Anabolic steroid. ATC code A14A  A08.

Pharmacological properties:

Oxandrolone – anabolic steroid substance. Oxanabolic stimulates protein synthesis in the body. It has a positive effect on nitrogen metabolism (causing nitrogen retention in the body). The clinical effect is manifested in the rapid regeneration of damaged tissues, weight gain, bone growth. Oxanabolic has anabolic effect 3-13 times higher than androgenic effect.

Indications for REFERENCE:

Exhaustion of different types, violation of protein metabolism after severe injuries, infectious diseases, burns, major surgery, radiotherapy; osteoporosis of various types, progressive muscular dystrophy; myopathy and prevention of osteoporosis during treatment with corticosteroids; slow formation of callus after fractures. In pediatric patients the drug is indicated for stunted growth, Turner’s syndrome, anorexia and malnutrition; delayed puberty (sexual infantilism) and physical development in boys.

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