Ladies Lean Cycle

Cycle ingredients:

200 tabs of Winstrol 5 mg, 14 x 1 ml vials of Primobolan Depot 100 mg.


A basic but very efficient cutting stack. This combo provides zero estrogen, and is only moderately androgenic in nature. Low side effects and solid results.

Winstrol Primobolan Depot H.C.G.
Week 1 20mg/day 200mg
Week 2 20mg/day 200mg
Week 3 20mg/day 200mg
Week 4 20mg/day 200mg
Week 5 20mg/day 200mg
Week 6 20mg/day 200mg
Week 7 20mg/day 200mg
Week 8 5-7,500 i.u.
Week 9 5,000 i.u.
Week 10 3,000 i.u.

A special cycle for women athletes and fitness competitiors. A carefully selected products with low androgen properties results in a lean body mass that is vital for ladies.

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Jan Nichols

Certified Personal Trainer

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