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We offer a wide range of genuine and registered pharmaceutical products by most renowned pharmaceutical companies around the globe. We are committed to provide

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you with a high quality prescription or over-the-counter medications at an affordable price. When purchasing from our online pharmacy store you can rest assured that you are getting high-quality branded and generic medications from European Union and Asia.

Our high quality services and superior customer support services ranks Anabolic Pharma among the best online pharmacies. Our commitment to customers and our customer driven company vision shows why so many customers trust Anabolic Pharma.

Top Qualities

  • More than 15 years of experience in online sales,
  • Branded & original medications,
  • Competitive prices
  • Orders dispatched within 1 day,
  • Delivery 100% guaranteed,
  • Superior customer service,
  • Membership rewards program


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Jan Nichols

Certified Personal Trainer

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73 Responses

  1. sam says:

    quick and efficient delivery of the order

  2. Allan says:

    I’ve bought from this company for years. Always got what I paid for and recently the speed of delivery has been very good. I was concerned about ordering after Brexit but it’s been faultless.

  3. samantha says:

    Ive been sending my prescriptions for some time now, they use a lot of generic products, but cheaper and does the same job. sometimes it takes a long time to get here, but they get it out of their country per tracking code within days, so its individual countries and have the issues with time. also get a lot of beauty, slimming products, from them. they work!

  4. Samantha says:

    Great service for medication people are normally charged too much for. Definitely give it five stars!

  5. Roni says:

    Schnell, unkompliziert und fehlerlos!

    Die Seite ist perfekt. Schnelle Lieferung. Echte Produkte. Verschiedene Bezahlmöglichkeiten. Absolut zuverlässig! (Oft erhält man ein Produkt gratis dazu!)

  6. RS says:

    Very professional and discreet pharmacy. Products are genuine, not counterfeit. My shipment has always gotten to me 14 days or less from the time I’ve placed an order. Thank you!

  7. Jason says:

    Hi. I have been ordering products from anabolic Pharm for 12 years on and off through my needs
    I have received every single item I ordered
    There customer service is excellent the are responsive all order a delight to deal with !!!!

  8. Finn I says:

    I have been dealing with the team for over a year now and I cannot recommend them enough.
    Deliveries are sent discretely and received all the way in Ireland.
    I have tried dealing with other websites but most of these guys try to rip you off. This company sell genuine products , great service and great prices!

  9. Ammie Gaines says:

    Good service fast too.

  10. martin grant says:

    I’ve been using this same site (anabolic pharma) since late 2005! Almost 15 years and they have NEVER once lost an order or not delivered. I don’t know how their prices compare because I don’t care! This is a sensitive issue and trust is much more important than a few extra dollars!

  11. Shari Stuart says:

    Excellent pharmacy, very professional and discreet. Products are genuine, not counterfeit; I know as I have to urine test for pain meds every month at the Dr. The USA won’t let her give me Xanax for sleep anymore, even though it was prescribed and I used it for over 10 years. Thank you anabolic for being there so I can sleep !

  12. Finn says:

    I have been using for about 8 months now and they always come through for me. My products always came with no problem. The gear is legit and works great. I recently ordered T3 and T4 and cannot recommend this site enough to anyone and I have already.

  13. S train says:

    Great customer service during pandemic it took about 3 weeks longer they always answered my tickets in a timely manner. Give them a try you won’t be disappointed

  14. S train says:

    Great customer service within 24 hrs you get a response always delivered quality products I have been a customer for many years and many to come

  15. F.I. says:

    Received my order with no problems. Thanks you guys, I’ll be placing a new order very soon.

  16. Finn says:

    I highly recommend Anabolic-Pharma.Biz! Fast shipping, GREAT products! 100%… I definitely will continue to shop here!

  17. Nich. V says:

    Easy to order, great pricing, legit gear, dependable, are you looking for anything else?

  18. Jenni says: is awesome!! I’ve been ordering thru them for almost two years. My order is always correct, usually only takes 14 days to get from order time to delivery time!! They never disappoint!! They have the best customer service too. They always get back with me within at least day. My last order kinda got delayed, but one of their other customers forwarded their product because they got a little extra, so he sent it to me along with a little bit more than i had originally ordered. It got here super fast too!! They always go above and beyond. They also have a great rewards system, and once you’ve ordered a lot of product, they put you at Gold status or higher which automatically comes with a discount. Their customer service rep is so patient with me because I’m very high strung and tend to freak out if the status doesn’t say shipped, but he is so nice and always reassures me that I will 100% receive my product. I’m sure I drive him nuts with my constant emails everyday, but he is still super nice and patient with me. I don’t know why I freak out because I have never had an order that they didn’t get to me. And that’s almost 2 years of ordering. I’ve used other companies and their prices are way over priced and their customer service is basically non-existence. I really feel like cares about their customers. I will forever and always order from them. I give them an A++++++++++++

  19. Michael says:

    I love anabolic pharma,very helpful,orders are always correct,am sticking with them!!!

  20. Finn I says: is the real deal. I’ve order numerous products twice now and received my orders very fast and discreetly. I would definitely recommend to anyone and everyone.

  21. Shez says:

    First order since 2017, exact order and quantity and brand name arrived within two weeks of ordering so definitely happy with this order.

  22. Benjamin says:

    From start to finish anabolic pharma is the best. I received my first order from them today. Everything was exactly like i ordered , and it was here fast ! Im in the USA , i ordered on Dec 11th and received it today Dec 23rd. They even through in a extra sample. Thanks anabolic pharma !

  23. JM says:

    Legit product. Have ordered at least 7 times. All have gotten here. Sometimes shipping takes a little longer than expected, but it does get here.

  24. Aaron A says:

    I have used them for years and they are very reliable. Products are very high quality and arrive quickly. They always address any issues if they come up immediately. I highly recommend!

  25. Anthony H says:

    The products are legit and real ! I would recommend to anyone!

  26. Jackson J says:

    Have been a customer since 2008. Although this site does not have as much a variety of products as other sites, every single product is real with high quality manufacturer. It happened twice part of my order was lost in shipment and AP reshipped. A couple times my order was delayed due to depleted stocks and each time AP shipped extra quantity in return. They have responded to every single one of my inquiries.

  27. John j says:

    Excellent company, excellent service. Have never had any problems with them or the service. Would highly recommend.

  28. Tim B. says:

    Ive been a customer for years.This website and the people that are absolutely the real deal. It takes 5-6 weeks…but it ALWAYS comes, juice and benzos as well. i had a package stopped by customs, and they resent order…They are AWESOME

  29. Gatorwr4 says:

    This website is the real deal. Not a scam. It’s products are legit and from reputable suppliers. I’ve used it for over 5 years. Never an issue and fantastic customer service. A++

  30. Ryan says:

    Ordered four times already. Highest quality medication I’ve found so far. Excellent prices. Highly recommended

  31. Very good website on point but it takwas a while give about 8-20 days from when your orders it..
    100% goood site!

  32. John G says:

    Have made over 6 orders. This company really performs — superb customer service. They reply to ALL messages, inform you when things are to occur — and they always keep their commitments. Their scheme of sending Registered packages, to enable tracking is superb — can know when packages are to arrive.

  33. Ryan says:

    Second delivery and very happy. Good communication and cheap prices.

  34. Triston says:

    Been using this site for years. Always receive my order. Never had any bad issues with them

  35. Jen H says:

    Anabolic-Pharmacy is awesome! I’ve been a customer for the last 4 months and they have exceeded my expectations! Customer service is great. If you have a question, they always get back with you promptly and politely. The prices are the best around! My shipment has always gotten to me 14 days or less from the time I’ve placed an order. I definitely will keep being a repeat customer.

  36. Ryan says:

    Great communication and quick shipment to Australia. Very happy and genuine customer : )

  37. Dustin says:

    Quality products.

  38. Sean says:

    Great service and great product.Will do more business in the future

  39. Rob T. says:

    Received my order with no problems. Thanks you guys, I’ll be placing a new order very soon.

  40. M. Smith says:

    Fast, easy and simple to follow. These guys are very responsive to inquiries and provide a sense of security when shopping for medicine. Thank you Anabolic!!

  41. Scott says:

    From my experience this company is a legitimate source. It took a little while for the product to ship, but once it did it only took a week to get to America. Communication was pretty good and product is legit.

  42. Max Smith says:

    Love this place. Finally a reliable and easy way to get quality medicine. The process is smooth and they are responsive and value their customers.

  43. Shari S says:

    Finally found an online pharmacy with quality, consistent products. Always on time, and staff is very helpful with any problems I have. I will order from no one else. Products are real, available name brand or generic, and are not counterfeit like 2 other sites I tried. Can’t beat the prices either. This is the only pharmacy I use now, no more confused pharmacy technicians, no waiting when they make an error. I just sit in the luxury of my home and my packages are delivered. I love you guys, thanks for making my life easier ( one less irritation) 🤗

  44. LASHBROOK says:

    Excellent Communication, Quick service, Thank you!!

  45. Sharilyn S says:

    Friendly , helpful staff with a massive amount of patience. I’m having trouble getting the hang of bitcoin payment, and they graciously walk me through it. Products are top notch to. Reasonable prices too . You guys are great ?

  46. Vanessa says:

    This was my 1st time ordering and I must say the communication was awesome! The product my husband and I ordered has been amazing. I highly recommend ordering from Anabolic-Pharma.Biz. I cant wait to order more products in the future 🙂

  47. Oguz B. says:

    I received my order and they were very helpful when my order got lost. They resent the package registered mail and received it right away. Thank you

  48. TJ RADEVSKI says:


  49. J Hungerford says:

    I’ve ordered many products over the years. Always come on time with the exact order. Definitely recommend

  50. Sharil says:

    Excellent name brand products, great customer service and quick shipping . They keep you informed when your supplements are in transition. Will be ordering from them in the future.

  51. Vincent S says:

    Very satisfied with the service, the product and the selection. Top notch operation…

    • Garrett says:

      Quick question how long did they take to deliver to you and what state are you in also how do you know what day it’ll arrive on as I live with nosy roommates and need to get Home early to get the package. Thank you

  52. Bird Man says:

    Great Products, Excellent Communication, Timely Shipping!

  53. MN says:

    These guys are awesome. Great communication. Products are exactly as described and the shipping time frame they give you is always correct. If they say 2-3 weeks from the ship date it arrives in 2-3 weeks. They respond to your questions within 24 hours. Overall great first couple experiences. I’ll definitel order from again very soon.

  54. Great communication Excellent products!!

  55. JG says:

    This website is a great source for gear. My paying experience was made easier because the site uses Bitcoin. This was easy and so much more reliable than Western Union. Plus they offer a discount to do so, so I plan on using it every time. Thank You

  56. Anthony H says:

    I have been using this site all of 2017. My products always came with no problem. The gear is legit and works great. I would recommend this site to anyone and I have already.

  57. Great website, fast delivery and service.

  58. g mccallum says:

    Very good service. Good product. Fair Price.

  59. Angus V says: is by far the best site on the web to get lagit gear.
    I have been buying from this site sense 2010 and hasn’t failed me yet.

  60. S Plamer says:

    I have used these guys since the year 2000! and have never had a problem with my orders. All items are as advertised. the delivery time can vary but it gets here every time. I have probably bought just about everything at one point or other throughout the years from orals to injectables. I even find that the Test Cyp (british dragon) feels stronger than my prescription pfizer test Cyp!!! the best gear sent to USA and in rare event that its needed the customer service is on top of it with replies within a day, if not sooner.

    whats funny about the whole thing is that I have done business with 200 entities over the years in my own line of work and anabolic pharma has been the most straight up and no nonsense on a consistent basis than any business I have dealt with over the years. I guess the gas company would be a close second!!

  61. Emmanuel B says:

    Since 10 years i’ve got a lot of gear from us for my entire satisfaction. they purpose effective product and quick delivery. regularity and quality is Anabolic-Pharma.Biz keep it on bookmark as raw partner 🙂

  62. Rafal K says:

    Always these guys come through with great products and the customer service is outstanding

  63. Angus V says:

    I recommend Anabolic Pharma fast and discrete packaging.

    100% legit products, I been going there this site for over 4 years and I haven’t had any complaints.

  64. Josue A says:

    They always do a good job

  65. Anthony H says:

    These guys are great! The customer service is outstanding! My products came within a week! The products are as legit as they get! I will be ordering again!

  66. Terry says:

    Awesome stuff..just plain awesome. Great customer service and this site does not lie..keep up quality work..why i keep coming back

  67. Jeff G says:

    This site is the real deal. I have used them for over 2 years now. Great products, excellent customer service, and fast shipping. 100% recommend this site.

  68. Damara says:

    Simplicity, Great products, Combined with Excellent Customer service have made me a customer for life. I highly recommend Anabolic-Pharma.Biz. You will not be disappointed. Quality and Potency are spot on.
    Thank You

  69. T.R. says:

    I highly recommend Anabolic-Pharma.Biz! Fast shipping, GREAT products! 100%… I definitely will continue to shop here!

  70. Peter K says:

    I have been dealing with the team for over three years now. I can not recommend them more highly !
    Deliveries are promptly sent and received all the way to Australia!
    I have tried dealing with others but these guys are the best ! Genuine products , great service and great prices!

    You guys rock!

  71. Santos N says:



  72. Scott W says:

    “I received the rest of my order including one extra bottle of testosterone, thank you. You guys always come through in the end. Thats why I am a customer for so many years.”

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